How everything started

I never really enjoyed "just watching" sports, so I grabbed a racket of my dad with the age of five while my parents where playing tennis and started playing by myself against the wall. When I turned six, I was nominated to join the "Steffi Graf-Studio" in Berlin, and I could practice two to three times a week there. Furthermore, I practiced in my tennis club, and became a very successful player on the national kids tour. My life was full of sports all the time; when I was not playing tennis, I did many other sports, so I was always moving, and a very active young girl.

The classical tennis career

When I grew up, I was invited to practice in the "main tennis center of Berlin", and played many national tennis tournaments. I was already one of the highest-ranked players in my age in Germany, and started competing on international tournaments when I was 14. With the age of 17 I was ranked 38 in the ITF-Junior World Ranking, and competed at the Junior-Grand-Slams for my country. On the ITF Women s Pro Tour I could also quickly celebrate my first victories, and reached a top-700 ranking after only five months of playing. Then I got a very tough and long injury that cost me two years of doing any sports, and I decided to focus on my university career (international business, and law).

The switch to Beach Tennis

After my long injury, I did not want to completely stop with tennis, so I started playing "1. Bundesliga" (1. Division) in Austria while I was studying there. Because I always enjoyed playing matches in the mini-court of tennis with a friend, he wanted to introduce me to a sport that I would like a lot, he said. He invited me to play the new trend sport Beach Tennis for the first time with some of his friends, and I loved it from the first touch. The sport is based on tennis rules, but from the movement and atmosphere more similar to Beach Volleyball, and from the reaction to Badminton. In the beginning (2011) I played Beach Tennis only sometimes in my free time, but when I went to Barcelona for an exchange semester, I started playing more often, and traveled to my first small tournaments. In 2012 I got a part time job in a leading Beach Tennis company from Italy, and got even more involved with the sport and the tour. This year I was nominated for the first time to play for the German national team, and played at the World Champion- and Team Championships, and European Championships for my country. In 2013 I decided to concentrate competing on the ITF Pro Beach Tennis Tour, and made a big step forward reaching a top-5 ranking in the world in the end of 2014. After winning many major tournaments (category ITF G1), I became the number one of the world for the first time in mid of September 2015. Since the final in the World Championships in Cervia (Italy) in August 2015 Patty and me are unbeaten until now. We managed to win 9 major titles in 2015 (ITF G1 tournaments), and we won the biggest beach tennis tournament on Aruba in November. In January 2016 we will be the best beach tennis team in the world, as the number 1 ranked team of the ITF Tour.

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Beach Tennis career timeline

Here you can find my biggest career successes and tournament wins.


July - my first ITF Beach Tennis victory in Kitzbühel


April - victory at G3 in Stuttgart
October - semifinal G3 at Gran Canarias


April - mixed victory ITF G3 Povoa de Varzim, Portugal
July - victory ITF G3 in Schwechat, Austria
November - victory ITF G2 St. Marteen, Caribbean
November - mixed victory IFBT G1 in Puerto Rico
November - semifinal ITF G1 Aruba


January - mixed victroy ITF G1 Santos, Brazil
February - my first own racket "Xtreme" with signature
March - mixed victory ITF G1 Reunion Island
April - victory ITF G2 Martinique
June - victory IFBT G1 Barcelona/Spain
September - victory ITF G1 Santos, Brazil
September - victory ITF G1 Hermosa Beach, USA
November - victory ITF G1 Aruba, Caribbean
December - victory ITF G1 Phuket, Thailand


April - victory ITF G1 Torres, Brazil
July - 5. place at World Chamionships with team Germany
August - victory ITF G1 Royan, France
August - vice world champion with P. Diaz in Cervia, Italy
August - victory ITF G1 Fukuoka, Japan
August - victory ITF G1 Miyazaki, Japan
September - mixed victory ITF G1 Itajai, Brazil
September - victory ITF G1 Itajai, Brazil
Oktober - victory ITF G1 Tokyo, Japan
November - mixed victory Aruba Open, Caribbean
November - victory Aruba Open, Caribbean
Dezember - victory ITF G1 Pattaya/Thailand
Dezember - victory ITF G1 Hua Hin/Thailand
Dezember - victory ITF G1 St. Pierre/Reunion


January - victory ITF 10,000 USD Santos, Brazil
January - number 1 world ranking again
March - Mixed Final ITF 10,000 USD Reunion Island
August - managed by b4t

My match partners while playing ITF Beach Tennis Tour
team member

Camilla Ponti


ITF Top-10-player
victories at St. Martin (G2), Aruba (G1) and final in Reunion (G1)
Facebook: Camilla Ponti
instagram: camilla_ponti

team member

Patty Diaz


ITF Top-1-player
victories at Martinique 2014 , Aruba Open 2015, Torres 2015, Royan 2015 und vice world champion at Cervia, Italy 2015
Facebook: Patricia Diaz
Instagram: pattydiazm_

team member

Antomi Ramos


mixed partner. Victories at Gran Canaria, Portugal, final G1 Guadeloupe
Facebook: Antomi Ramos Viera
Instagram: antoramos

team member

Alex Mingozzi


mixed partner. Victories at Reunion, semifinale G1 in Aruba)
Facebook: Alex Mingozzi

French Open 2016

(Mai. 2016) Kiefer meets Beach-Tennis-Ace Biglmaier

German television at Aruba Open

(Nov. 2015) Report about Beach Tennis und Maraike at "ZDF Mittagsmagazin".

Image video of Maraike Biglmaier

(Okt. 2015) Beach Mag published this video about Maraike.

World Championships Italy 2015

(Aug. 2015) Highlights from the World Championships Women Final in Cervia.

ITF Aruba Interview before Final

(Nov. 2014) Interview from center court with Maraike und Camilla Ponti.

Interview Maraike NBC Aruba

(Nov. 2014) Interview with Maraike after G1 victory at Aruba 2014.

ITF Aruba - the event

(Nov. 2013) very nice video around the Aruba tournament.

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    30. März 2017

    Comeback on the World Tour

    Hey guys, After a pretty long break I am finally back in the deep sand! 2016 was a tough year for me. Since April last year I have been injured with my hand, and then the ?rollercoaster? started. Apart from the fact, that I had a surgery on my wrist, appointments with doctors and physios were unfortunately my almost daily routine. Last summer I tried to come back to the tour, but it was just too early for my hand. Of course, that even made the healing process longer, and I was forced to take strong medicine over a longer period of time, combined with a cast. After this, I was doing a rehab for some months. I would like to thank my doctor, and physiotherapist for the patience they have had with me, and for the professional work they have done. In February I finally started playing again, and it just feels fantastic to be back on the beach court. At the moment I am practicing with my doubles partner Patty Diaz, and some other good players in Miami for the upcoming tournaments. We will first play three tournaments on the Caribbean Islands, followed by two more tournaments in Brazil before coming back to Europe in May. Of course, I will keep you updated! Cheers, Maraike

    created at: 12. 06. 2017

    Author Avatar by Maraike Biglmaier

    29. August 2016

    cooperation with b4t

    I am happy to announce my new cooperation with b4t as well as some new sponsoring partners. From now on I will be a b4t-partner. Together, we are working at full speed to further develop this great sport BeachTennis on national and international bases. Furthermore, I want to thank VPV, the Japanese MERA Group, and Neuronade for their sponsoring support. At the moment I am still in the reha-process due to my wrist injury but I am very optimistic to be back on the tour soon. The highlight of the winter season will be on Aruba in November.

    created at: 29. 08. 2016


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